Nestled back, off the side of an old country road just minutes from Rochester, MN., sits a little white farm house.   Its nearly 100 year old structure stands picture perfect, filled with memories of the past.   Its currant occupants fill their home with hugs, games, laughter, out of town guests,  dreams for the future and most importantly, a deep faith in God.  

A sweet white porch wraps gently around the home as baskets of flowers dance in the breeze.  Basking in the warm sun sits an old yellow lab at the ready.  He is a soldier willing to defend his boys, who play together in the yard, at a moments notice.   There is a garden, rich with cool, black dirt and the beginnings of little green shoots which will supply a nice harvest and banquet the dinner table for weeks to come throughout the summer and fall.  Beyond the garden, the hens gossip to each other as they peck at the ground and prepare to give the family their daily supply of eggs.

At night, laying in bed with the windows open feeling the cool, crisp Minnesota breeze, you can hear the crickets chirping as they sing their goodnights.  The moon glows so bright that its shimmers fill the room with a natural golden night light.  Snug in their beds the boys dream of cars and trucks and super hero's while their parents snuggle beneath blankets on the porch whispering about the future.

Their home is a retreat, not only for them, but also for the many who have had the pleasure of being their guests.  These are the days of summer.  This is the Farm Sweet Farm.